NT Polocrosse History

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The sport has played at many venues in and around Darwin and the Rural area before settling at Freds Pass Reserve – now sited as one of the top Polocrosse venues in Australia.

In 2002 and 2014 the NT has successfully hosted the Australian Polocrosse Championships (2014 Nationals)

For a full history of the sport of Polocrosse visit the Australian Polocrosse website

The Beginning…It was on the 27th of October in 1974 at a meeting of “interested persons” at the Marrara Small Lounge that the Darwin and Regional Polocrosse Association was formed.

Some of those present were Peter Hassall (Life Member), John Clayfield, Lee Grover and Kevin Flockhardt. The first committee voted in that night was:

President/Chairman Les Edwards
Secretary Sharon Clayfield
Treasurer John Clayfield
Publicity Officer Bob Hannon

Many people have contributed to the growth and development of our sport in particular our Life Members.

Life Members

The NTPA could not and would not have flourished without the dedication of the many who have contributed to all aspects of the sport.  The the following are a distinguished list of our current Life Members. Over the course of the next couple of months we will be adding the backstory to these amazing people and their influence, involvement and impact on our sport.

Joan Hassall, Andrew Blackadder, Peter Hassall, Barry Walshe, Frazer Henry, Margaret Henry, Cecilia Coleman, Trevor Melville, Brenton Ascoli, Greg Thompson, Barry Coulter

NTPA Championship Results

The Northern Territory Polocrosse Association (NTPA) is really one big team with 5 Clubs; Howard Springs, Humpty Doo, Litchfield, Noonamah and Palmerston
We have approximately 100 players currently registered of varying levels of experience and skill level.  All Clubs welcome new participants and have an encouraging social aspect to their Carnivals.

A clean sweep by Litchfield at last years NTPA Championships will see the other clubs coming out to take out the wins in 2015

Year A Grade B Grade C Grade
2014 Litchfield Litchfield Litchfield
2013 Litchfield Howard Springs Litchfield
2012 Litchfield Noonamah Palmerston
2011 Noonamah Litchfield 1 Noonamah
2010 Litchfield Howard Springs Humpty Doo
2009 Litchfield Litchfield Noonamah
2008 Noonamah Coomali Palmerston
2007 Noonamah Palmerston Howard Springs
2006 Palmerston Humpty Doo Palmerston
2005 Howard Springs Palmerston Noonamah
2004 Noonamah Humpty Doo Humpty Doo
2003 Litchfield Palmerston Noonamah
2002 Palmerston Palmerston Kununurra
2001 Palmerston Palmerston Litchfield
2000 Palmerston Humpty Doo Kununurra